Yoga strap with 2 adjustable loops that will help you on your yoga practice either improving most challenging asanas or carrying your yoga mat.

To create this article, we used 1 pair of leftover jeans. By purchasing this yoga strap you will have saved them to be destroyed, also we will plant a tree in your name and best of all, you will be the most stylish yogi among your mates🧘🏽

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We selected a 100% cotton pair of jeans to create this yoga strap for a higher resistance while performing the asanas.

Besides, the denim fabric feels very comfortable to hold unlike other common straps with rougher surfaces.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 320 × 4.5 cm

100% cotton


As the most sustainable way, we recommend hand wash in cold water.
For machine wash, remember to wash it with like colors to avoid color trespassing.