Hi everyone! How are you doing? June has come and that means…just 20 days left to summer!

Since child, summer has always been my favourite season but this will be a special one because it will mean the beginning of normality. But I think it would be tragic if we came back to our new free lives without having learnt anything from these past months.

During the lockdown we’ve been forced to live just caring about the present moment. There were no plans for the weekend, no travels, no dinners, no meetings with friends but video calls and for many people, even no work to do. In the end, what we had left day after day was just ourselves and our living place. What a challenge.

Without realizing, we are used to run everywhere. We run from one place to another, from one task to another, always thinking on the next step but suddenly, something forced us to stop. We are passing through a very challenging situation that is bringing terrible consequences and many people left us because of this illness, so indeed, it would be tragic if we resume our lives without learning from all this.

To me, the lockdown has meant putting some space. Space between circumstances and emotions and have taught me to be patient. It let me integrate things that make me happy into my daily routine that I thought I was too busy for them before but the truth is we don’t owe time, we create time.

In the end all is about what we create time for and I have learnt that we must prioritise things that make us feel better because life is more than being tied up in obligations and ‘to do’ lists. We shouldn’t forget about living.

Since I’m Spanish the book from above is the Spanish version but you can find it in many languages. ‘The Art of living’ is more like a manual for life written by the Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh a revered Vietnamese monk and peace activist who has many other titles like Anger, How to love or Being peace and each of those teaches precious values and important lessons. This in particular tells how we can transform our way of living by being fully present to discover what do we really need to be happy. So that, I invite you to take a little time to read and think about this short passage and of course to comment if you feel like doing it!

Being the number one

”Many of us seek success. We want to be good in our field. To become the number one. We use to believe we will just be happy if we are the number one. But if you want to be so, you will have to devote yourself to this goal. And you will end up sacrificing precious time to spend with your family and friends, you will sacrifice precious time to spend with yourself. Often, you even sacrifice health. In the fight for being the best, you end up sacrificing your happiness. What’s the meaning of becoming the number one if you are not happy?

You have to choose. ¿Do you want to become the number one or do you want to be happy? You may become the victim of your own success, but you will never be the victim of your own happiness.

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