Hi everyone! How are you doing? Today is May the 4th. ‘So what?‘ you may be wondering if you are not pretty much into Star Wars. If that is the case, just try to remember the famous saying from the film ‘May the force be with you’…does it ring a bell now? With this witty play on words Star Wars’ community stablished Star Wars’ Day and since I’m a big fan also, in Nikaime we wanted to celebrate this May the 4th our way, the denim way of course.

I recently watched the last series of this franchise, The Mandalorian, featured by Pedro Pascal and as expected this is going to be a complete success, I can’t wait for season 2 that is scheduled for this autumn, so, for this May the 4th, we wanted to honor these series with a little patchwork of this Mandalorian helmet made from pieces of jeans.

Hope you like it!

Moreover I would like to finish this post with one of the quotes that appears at the beginning of each episode of another Star Wars series: The clon wars that fits very well to the situation we are currently living:

Never give up hope, no matter how dark seems things

Star Wars, The clone Wars

Have you all a nice May the 4th and May the force be with you!

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