Hi everyone! How are you doing? Today is another day towards normality, towards being free again to see and hug anyone we want. I know that everyday cannot be a wonderful day, full of positivism and good vibes. Specially here in Spain the situation is really tough and we must stay stronger than ever because we have lost so many people.

So that, and for those days that we woke up seeing life in black and white I bring you today a nice activity!

I suppose that by now, you would have already seen the last Vogue Portugal’s cover. If not, you can see it below:

Well, no one doubts that this cover has already became part of the human History. The strength of the image and the message makes you shiver, and carries the feelings of the entire mankind. But though the choice of black and white is perfectly correct, I think that now we can do it better by adding our personal vision in colour, because life has infinite ranges of colours and they all transmit a different feeling and energy.

So below there’s the same image I’ve drawn just with some lines, in order to each one of you can print it and colour it as you wish, using your favorite colours, or those which you want to use up to your state of mind in the moment. I invite you to take this activity, as well as with the denim bunny toy if you followed the tutorial, as a kind of meditation. Take your time to complete it, don’t rush. Take your time to select the next colour, to carefully fill each white gap. Think that this drawing as well, will become a part of the History, your personal one. Later, when all of this became a part of the past and if you kept it, you can come back to it and remember how you lived these moments. It will talk about how were you feeling while you were coloring it. If you don’t have a printer at home or at your office, or you have but can’t reach it now, don’t worry, you can try to copy it or choose another image and try to make the same. The point is take this activity as a chance to understand your emotions and feelings and express them in beautiful way!

I also invite you to share your drawing with others once is completed mentioning our instagram @nikaime_denim with the hashtag #creatingwithnikaime.

Have a colorful day!

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