Hi everyone! How are you doing? We have left our first month of lockdown behind in Spain and today some people have resumed their jobs. It seems also that we may be closer to stop the spread, people is recovering and the number of infected is decreasing, those are great news! And that’s all because of everyone’s great effort.

It’s been a long month, full of bad news, uncertainty and fear but talking with friends, we all get to the same conclusion: this kind of events use to show up people’s best side and also brings good things with it.

As many others, at the beginning of the year, I had great expectations. As many others I thought: ‘this year won’t be just another one on the calendar, this is the 2020, I’m sure great things will come’. And in my case, in March I was going to marry and travel to Japan for 3 weeks. And indeed, great things happened. A huge one but that no one expected.

Now, after a month staying home,, many emotions, feelings, thoughts about the uncertain future have arisen. There are better days and not that better and everyone is looking for their particular ways to overcome these Groundhog Days as smiling as possible. Some of us find calm and positivism doing meditation and Yoga, 2 practices that teach you to love the present moment, but for me and without any doubt the most important concept this year brought to teach us is the equanimity. So, I self declare the 2020: The year of Equanimity.

For those who don’t know the meaning of this word, is the mental or emotional stability or composure, especially under tension or strain. It is to react with calm and without losing the nerves to any situation, no matter how critical it could be. And you can be able to do so, but we have to accept the circumstances as they come, believing that if it’s happening this way it is because that is as it should be. And when you accept the moment you are living, you can enjoy it. When you stop complaining about how hard is to stay home for so long, you can discover a new thing to do that you wouldn’t have even tried otherwise and that you now may love.

Another important thing this year brings us is the opportunity to say thanks to what we have. A family, a house, a fine plate of food, a pet, a job, a nice view from our window, a balcony…whatever we used to see as common things, we should be thankful for them. In my case, I had to leave my flat where I was living with my partner and come back to our parent’s houses because we couldn’t keep paying the rent. Terrible? Of course I’d rather the situation to be different, but I’m thankful because I have a house to come back with my parents and my dog, and I feel lucky for it.

So, instead of keeping complaining about why is all of this happening to us, I invite people to think about how lucky we are having what we have, being alive and in good health and to give thanks for each new day is given to us, because we always can start from 0.

Have a nice day!

Equanimity arises when we accept the way things are


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