Hi everyone from Spain!

How are you doing these days? We are on our third week at home and it looks like many more will come until we can go out again. Good news are that at least here at the south the virus spread seems to be decreasing compared to other places so let’s everyone keep having faith in all of this shall pass soon.

What kind of activities are you doing at home these days? I take advantage of the situation by reading, practicing yoga and meditating (2 things that I barely did before because of my ‘lack of time’ and that really help me to remain calm) and also by thinking about new creations. And indeed, that’s how our new pet has born!

Considering the current situation, we thought about sharing some activity to do at home so we came up with the idea of making a toy using an old pair of jeans. We know this idea is of course not new, there are a lot of DIY tutorials about teddy bears and bunnies among many other animals made from jeans, felt or other kind of fabric but we wanted to create our personal one. After all, our purpose is to give jeans a second life, isn’t it?

Moreover, we wanted to record this event some way. We think that once all this passes you can look at this toy and remember the time we all had to stop and reconsider our way of living. This toy can represent a reminder of a valuable lesson: to honour the truly meaningful things like our freedom, a hug to our beloved ones, the warmth of the sunlight… all these things we miss now but we didn’t consider before.

So that, we have created a free DIY you can easily get by subscribing our newsletter. Once you subscribe, we’ll send you a PDF file you can keep to start making your toy step by step.

So from here, we want to inspire you with this activity and if you feel creative click the link below and you will get your DIY tutorial for free!

Have a nice creative day!

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