Hi everyone from Spain! Here we are today on our day number 5 of lockdown. I wanted to write this post because tomorrow I was supposed to celebrate my wedding. If someone a month ago would have told me that I wouldn’t have been able to marry or that  I’d have been forced to cancel my honeymoon trip to Japan due to the virus that stroke China 3 months ago, of course I wouldn’t have believed him. But Life has the power to remind us that we can not control our circumstances, not at the 100% at least.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I’ve never had. I believe that all happens because of something greater than us, but what it ’s true is that this event brings a strong message within: We were going too fast.

We are not eternal. We are here just for a walk, for a brief period of time that is given us but since long time, we’ve keep forgetting this fact and we tend to waste our time just in making plans for the future: what are we going to do in the weekend, what are we going to eat tomorrow, where will we go for holidays this year…I also used to do so, but the current situation has taught me a very valuable lesson.

On the last post I talked about I had to step aside my business project because of another personal one. Well, that personal project was my wedding.

A year ago, my partner and I decided to get married today, March the 21st after 10 years together. We were thrilled with the idea and soon started with all preparations. We booked the church, the place for the party, the musicians…all the best for the occasion. Just a week ago, 3 months after the coronavirus stroke China, we were forced to cancel the ceremony and the party due to the quick spread of the virus among the Spanish population. A whole year making plans for one single day and just a few days before, everything crumbles.

But instead of drowning in drama, we are taking these circumstances as valuable learning. We need to focus on living the today instead of giving our best in plans for the future. But don’t misunderstand my words, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take time in the organization of such a special day but if we think about the time we take nowadays to prepare a wedding celebration compared with our fathers’ generation, we can clearly see that we are getting too far..

We take for granted that after a year, still will be here. After all, we are young, and in good health now, aren’t we? We also take for granted that our relatives and friends will be here as well. But in fact, who can assure us that our parents and grandparents, who are not that young will be there at that time? Actually, my granny who is 95 years old, has spent this whole year concerned about whether she will make it to the date. And that’s the point. We use to make such long term plans (not just concerning this kind of events) that we forget about this reality: the future doesn’t exist, we just have the now. And we also forget that the truly important thing about such a special day is not the place, or the photographer but to enjoy it with the most of your beloved people

We all use to have great spectators about tomorrow, or think that we have lived better times and we forget about enjoying the present moment. We also complain about our lives, desiring to live other’s based on what we see or listen. Well, I think that in moments like that, we all should take a look inside us and be thankful if our beloved ones are safe.

So now it’s time to reflect on how lucky we are by having all these important things that we should not forget when all comes back to the normality again. Meantime, let’s keep fighting this common enemy together with all our best and remember that this too will pass.

‘Every moment is a choice to begin again’

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