Hi everyone out there!

My name is Lola, mother of this project I began almost a year ago and which I named NIKAIME. A project with a purpose: to reuse the denim fabric from unsold jeans to create one of my favorite kind of garments: the kimono. 

I decided to start up this project after a few years in the business of Retail, inside the fast fashion world. As many others, I’ve loved fashion since I can remember, admired the great names of the history of design and followed the craziest trends along the last 10 years. But not so long ago, everything started to change.

As the months went by I was losing the meaning of my job as well. I found myself sitting every day at the same desk within a never-ending loop of massively producing garments that were supposed to be sold in two years while current season leftovers were being relocated at outlet stores.

Among others, I manage the denim production of my company in Bangladesh so I know how much it takes to produce a pair of jeans, the impact on the environment and the lives of all the people involved.

Because of all these reasons I decided to make my part by creating NIKAIME, which meaning in Japanese is literally ‘second time’. I chose this name because I was creating jackets taking unsold jeans from piles stored at the warehouse of the company I work for, so in consequence I was giving them a second chance to be worn, a second life as jackets. That was the true meaning of NIKAIME to me, a second life.

But shortly after the launch of my project I suddenly found myself involved in another personal big one that absorbed me in such a way that I couldn’t focus on my brand nor invest on it as much as I did before so I took the decision to set it aside until I could resume it properly . But eventually after a few months I started to feeling frustrated every single time I thought about my project. After all, I was still coming to the same office and doing a job I didn’t identify with. I used to arrive home gloomy, in bad mood, sad…because I was missing something in my life. I felt useless and blamed myself for not keeping my purpose and for abandoning my project. I felt completely lost. But later, at that same day and without realizing it, something inside me changed my mind forever. I started to awake. 

That day instead of my usual playlist, I decided to listen to a podcast driving on my way to work. It was about mindfulness and spirituality, things that until then had always sounded like ‘a hippie stuff’ to me, but that day for some reason, I felt like listening to something relaxing. But the truth is that after I listened to the first one, I played the next one, and the next one and so on. I just couldn’t stop because those words were healing me, they were giving me the answer I had been claiming for. The thing is, by the time I arrived the office, I was completely relieved. This was the beginning of a new point of view.

From that very moment, my way of thinking and life’s view became totally different and now I firmly believe the Universe supports you when you are truly decided to go for something. I decided to start again step by step with my project once after my wedding  and this first post is a reminder to myself. I hope to bring you as well a bit of that light that has given me impulse again to go for my dream. 

The truth is that a yer ago, I though I had begun this project but actually I had not. It is still yet to begin.

It has just awaken.

‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us’


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